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Tydy aggregates all your learning content from internal and external sources to drive a truly personal learning experience for each and every individual in your organization.

Welcome to The Tydy Learning Experience Platform

The only complete platform for your global workforce

Integrate all sources

Integrate content from your LMS, HRMS, internal portals, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, powerpoint decks, learning content providers and external sources like coursera, LinkedIn Learning and others. All in one place - and indexed for quick and easy recommendations for your global workforce.

Targeted Micro Training

Create rules that fire micro-training campaign automatically when individuals match certain criteria. Think of it like automated campaigns being delivered when some one is promoted, moves locations, starts targeting a new customer segment, has not met targets and any thing else.

Retention Evaluation

Tydy does not stop at just delivering content (like every other learning and content system out there). Tydy send out micro-quizzes and recommended content over time to determine the overall retention of the information important to their roles.

Connect with the right people

Tydy recommends the right people that your workforce should connect to. Think of it as recommended connections to guides, subject matter experts, coaches, colleagues focusing on the same aspects and much more.

Gamified experience

Tydy's gamification engine encourages positive behaviors and motivates employees through a sense of competition. It can also be tied in to your existing rewards & recognition platform.

Intelligent insights & analytics

Powerful insights & analytics that help managers understand their employees and the engagement through the year.

And, it's available on any device

A platform that is available on any device and at the convenience of each employee

Connections that make a difference

Tydy uses data and intelligence to connect each individual with the right peers, mentors and subject matter experts at the right time.

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