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Get them up to speed

Onboard your new hires and get them up to speed in the shortest time possible.


Automate your employee onboarding & data capture

Set it up once

With Tydy's automation engine, you set up your campaigns once and let Tydy deliver them at just the right time in the employee journey.

Target by segment

Segment your employees by location, department, role and level to create specific campaigns for each one.

Share all types of content

Tydy supports all types of content that you will need to send - videos, images, infographics, documents and much more.


Know what's happening with your employees

See how they are doing

Run your entire employee relationship process on Tydy. See and manage onboarding, engagement, early-warning signals and more from a single dashboard.

Recognize signals & patterns

Give your managers, HR exec and admins an individual account with fine-grained permissions and insights.

Reach out when they need you

Tydy gives you signals of employee that are potentially dropping off, those that have dropped in engagement and more - to help you reach out at the right time.


Capture & apply information seamlessly

Customize your forms

Build your own data capture forms on Tydy. And never again expect your employees to enter the same data twice.

Upload documents

A single interface to upload verification documents from any device. Take a picture of it on the phone & voila.

Auto-generate PDFs for forms

Tydy automagically generates PDFs from your data capture forms - ready to sign or file.

Connections that matter

Tydy uses data and intelligence to connect each individual with the right peers, mentors and key contacts at the right time.

Keep them engaged

Tydy enables you to keep a pulse on the organization and enable a constantly learning and productive workforce.


Get the pulse of the organization

Measure every stage of the journey

Measure the effectiveness of every stage in the employee journey - from onboarding to weekly pulse check-ins and quarterly surveys.

Use Tydy's library of questions or your own

Tydy comes with templates for all kinds of pulse check-ins and surveys and much more. Choose to use Tydy's templates or get started with your own set in minutes.

Real-time insights

Empower your managers, exec teams and HR Teams with real-time insights on the engagement & sentiment of the organization.


Share content that is meaningful to them

Create engaging micro-content

Your employees have a really short attention span - which is why Tydy gives you the tools to create micro-content that is engaging and interactive.

Gamified Engagement

Who does not like a little bit of competition? Tydy's gamification engine allows you to reward employees with points earned for completing their work.


Ensure learning gives you high returns & engagement

Increase learning ROI

Learning retention campaigns on Tydy ensure that each employee retains & uses the learning that has been received.

Reference learning content

With Tydy, your learning content becomes infinitely referenceable - meaning your employees will always know where to find it when they need it.


Empower them to build their own network

Customizable messaging

With Tydy's employee referral module, you can enable custom messaging to encourage your employees to refer their friends.

Integrate with the recruitment process

All the data captured on Tydy Referral can be pushed to your ATS or recruitment system with ease.

Run referral campaigns

Run campaigns to educate and motivate your employees to refer their friends who are best suited for roles.

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