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Automated Onboarding

Your new hires expect a lot more from you. They are used to engaging on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and others. They want the same from their workplace.

We've got you covered.

Keep everyone in the loop

The core focus at Tydy is to enable the new hires with all they need to feel welcomed and get productive in the shortest time possible. However, it's not just the new hire - managers, HR, recruiters and others have a role to play in delivering the best experience.

Enabling Hiring Managers

One of the most important roles in the onboarding process and yet, one of the least engaged - Hiring managers are a critical part of the onboarding solutioning process. Our experts will chart out touch points to keep the managers engaged, without a lot of effort from his/her side.

Empowering HR Teams

With Tydy, we will ensure that your HR teams are free from the most mundane and administrative onboarding tasks. Your RM will understand your process and suggest automation for some of the HR tasks - freeing up time for your team.

Insights for exec teams

Exec teams want data that can help them understand their workforce planning requirements and with Tydy, we will work with you to define the insights that can help deliver that.

Partnering with you in the creative process

Crafting the perfect onboarding & welcome process can be time consuming and complicated. Work with experts who understand your business and the onboarding process. We create campaigns and content that are specific to your business and your target groups.

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