Keep them engaged

Personalized Engagement

Build a culture of listening

Employees who feel ownership over the company and the culture are constantly looking to share opinions, give feedback and share ideas. By listening to them, they know that they matter and this also helps you understand the pulse of your teams and each individual.

Get feedback. Take action.

Ongoing feedback is a crucial tool in building the culture across the organization. However, feedback without follow up action results in employees getting frustrated. Our expertise in building the right feedback & culture management process will help build a better workplace.

Onboarding feedback

Gone are the days of the 15-day, 30-day onboarding feedback surveys. Today's new hires expect a regular check-in to voice their opinion. We will architect the best onboarding feedback solution for your new hires.

Monthly pulses

Quick, easy-to-respond-to pulse questions ensure high engagement rates and give you a real view of your employees & the culture. We create a custom monthly engagement plan for your organization that can start with one department or be rolled out across the entire organization.

Real time analytics

Our solution does not end by recommending best practices and architecting feedback & culture management processes. We will work with you on an on-going basis to understand the analytics that these processes result in and constantly tweaking the entire effort to increase engagement.

Create a sense of community anywhere they go

A workplace is desirable to come to when people enjoy their workplace. By creating opportunities to make connections or allowing employees to play a role in hiring their future colleagues, they get to influence their workplace and how they work.

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