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Our Journey

The journey started in 2013. Ideas being shared on what the next big thing could be. But it was not until 2016 that Tydy actually started taking shape.

All our initial ideas were around changing the workplace of the future. Little did we know that Future of Work would soon become a slogan and a war-cry for an entire industry of products and services. So, we started there - and took a long, hard look at what the workplace of the early 21st century was missing. And what would it take to become better?

Simple enough thought. But a lot of possibilities.

So, we distilled it down further. We landed on the processes that directly affect the Employee Experience. Little did we know that Employee Experience was also going to get it's own buzzword status.

And, that's how we started with Employee Onboarding. The process that was one of the most important processes in the lifecycle of an employee - and yet, there was no focus on it. The process was the same across every single business - big, medium, small. And it had not changed in decades.


We had hit upon a pain and a frustration that stretched across continents and levels.

And, we are just getting started.

We work with enterprises across the globe. We work with them on unleashing the power of information that is locked up in processes.

We believe that culture of an organization is a very powerful super-power. However, very often, process stifle that super-power. It's the organization's Kryptonite.

And we bring out the power of culture through re-imagining processes like Onboarding, ongoing business training and compliance training. There are three big ideas we bring to every organization...

  • Bite-sized Experiences
  • Personalization
  • Nudges and Game Mechanics

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