We are Tydy

Every day, enterprises across the globe use Tydy to create an engaged and productive workforce.

What we are about

Every day, there are people all over the world that are looking to do more and contribute more to the success of the companies they work at.

As individuals, we are ambitious. We are passionate about things we love. We are social. We want to learn.

And as individuals, we want more from the workplace. The place we spend most of our days in. We want to be enabled to contribute more. We want to feel like we are making a difference every day. And we want to know that people recognize the effort we put in.

It's universal.

These are the sentiments we want to heighten. We want every single employee's experience to be the best. We want to enable companies with the best Employee Experience. EX.

Throughout the history of business, people have used data to make decisions. We are using data to make the individual employee experience unique and contextual.

Everyday, we have the pleasure of changing employee's lives around the world and making the workplace more personal and contextual for each one of them. And, we are just getting started.

Building a better workplace